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NiNet Data Center is situated in Nis and it is designed in line with the latest global standards. The most important facts related to the Data Center include:

◊ Guaranteed redundancy of all systems (UPS equipment, air conditioning, network wiring, etc.)
◊ High quality of components used
◊ Availability and reliability of 99.95% per year
◊ Antistatic floor
◊ Redundant cabling of the racks (42 U) under the floor
◊ Air-conditioned premises that keeps a constant optimal temperature.
◊ Physical access enabled only to authorized staff
◊ Electronic lock for registering entries and exits.
◊ Modern fire alarm system.
◊ Senior administrators available 24/7 by rotation
◊ 3 independent optical access networks (Telekom Srbija, Orion Telekom, SBB)

Power supply

Napajanje DC


Two independent power supply sources
Automatic power supply transfer switch

State-of-the-art UPS
Diesel aggregate with automatic start.
SMS module which automatically provides notifications in case of a power supply interruption, unallowed fluctuations in temperature and other parameters of Data Center.

Access control

Kontrola pristupa Access Control DC


Access enabled only to authorized staff.

24/7 physical security of the premises.

Access is only possible with the electronic card

Electronic lock for registering entries and exits.

Alarm system for unauthorized intrusions.

Video surveillance system that records videos in the location secured by the deadline.


NiNet is especially proud of three independent optical links

Telekom Srbija A.D.

Orion Telekom


established on the location of NiNetData Center. This means better flexibility and variety of setup offered to our customers. In order to use the maximum of our communication links and other services, you need proper equipment for routing or opting for the other possibility and renting a part of our existing infrastructure.

Renting links, one or more, is subject to individual agreement with users,since the link itself does not mean a lot without accompanying services performed by our highly professional staff.

The most frequent topics, with renting of links, are:

- DDoS protection

- Agreement with users about the number of IP addresses

- Multihoming setup in line with the agreement

Quality of NiNet DC components

Ninet Data Centar Hardware


NiNet Data Center uses the highest quality hardware components. HP is prevailing, while there are also Cisco and Dell, as shown in the picture above.

Services provided by NiNet Data Center

From hosting to Server Housing. Special zones with racks are intended for users equipment. You can also bring your tower housing.

Why NiNet Data Center?

Because it is situated in the heart of Serbia, it of exquisite quality,yet with local prices.
And you are our priority - period!.
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