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NiNet Company (Hereinafter: “NiNet”) is a provider of wireless Internet services, web hosting, domain registration and dedicated servers for individuals and legal entities (Hereinafter: “User”). NiNet reserves the right to deny a service to a customer in case the service is not in line with the Terms of Use.

NiNet is obliged to enable User to use services in the best possible way, including the operation of server, customer support and troubleshooting in the system operation.

The User will use our services at their own responsibility. NiNet Company does not provide any guarantees nor is it responsible for any damages caused by the services rendered.

Users of hosting services (web hosting, VPS servers, dedicated servers, server housing) are not authorized to resell services to third parties unless otherwise specified by a contract.

User is obliged to act in accordance with the Terms of Use defined by NiNet, settle liabilities and inform NiNet about changes of their personal data submitted on the occasion of purchasing a service, on a regular basis. In the event of an unauthorized service, the customer is obligated to inform NiNet accordingly.

Payment and Compensation

Services offered by NiNet are paid on a monthly and annual basis. The customer is obligated to pay for the services no later than 7 days before the deadline and settle all banking, international, national and local added values related to the service purchased.

Any misuse of resources will be recognized at shortest notice. Users the acting of whose incurs costs to NiNet Company are obliged to settle them accordingly. The User is entitled to cancel the services of NiNet, while NiNet is not obliged to refund the fees to the User. If the User exceeds the resources allowed, he/she is required to pay for it accordingly.

Service may be terminated if the fee is not settled properly. User is obliged to keep the evidence (paper or a file) if he/she pays by a credit card via Internet. Some services provided by NiNet have the option of payment via dinar and foreign currency account from abroad. If User who lives abroad does not have a credit card, payment can be made through the foreign currency account, by the so-called wire transfer.

Refund is available if User is not satisfied with the service, where he/she is obliged to inform NiNet about that within 30 days. Refund in case of domain registration is not available.

Validity of Contract

The contract is valid until one of the contracting parties (User or NiNet) terminates the cooperation or contract. User can terminate the contract whenever he/she decides to. The User who purchases any service agrees with the Terms of Use. Services provided by NiNet are time-limited and NiNet is not obliged to refund the deposited funds if the User terminates cooperation.

Use and Limitations

NiNet services are used exclusively with legal purposes and any use that is not compliant to the laws of the Republic of Serbia shall be sanctioned accordingly.

User agrees with the following:

Not to use web hosting packages, VPS and dedicated servers or server housing services for sending spam texts and email messages (SPAM), and store pirated content on the NiNet servers.
NiNet is not held responsible for the content the User has on the server, however in case of any legal infringement of the laws or regulation of the Republic of Serbia, NiNet is obliged to protect its legal entity and other clients as its customers from any damage.
User is not entitled to possess the information of third parties from the NiNet servers illegally. If any irregularities are detected, User is obliged to inform NiNet as his/her service provider.
User is not allowed to inspect or otherwise enters the NiNet network, i.e. influence third parties (SPAM, DDoS attacks, server clogs, malicious scripts and viruses, brute force and other attacks).
User will be sanctioned or prosecuted accordingly, if he/she performs activities that are not allowed and he/she is not entitled to.
In case User is uncertain whether an activity is permitted, he/she is required to contact the competent persons at NiNet Company.
NiNet Company will inform User about the offense in a timely manner, if it occurs via e-mail or telephone.
User is not allowed to keep the adult or pirated content on the NiNet hosting or servers.
If there are any uncertainties whether the content on the server is allowed, NiNet in the capacity of service provider has the right to cancel the use of service to the User.
NiNet is obliged to respond to User within 48 hours.
User of wireless internet service is obliged to take care of the check-out equipment he/she receives, and act in line with the instructions received from NiNet.
Ownership of domain names can be transferred only with the consents by the User, the owner of a domain, and the User to whom the domain is transferred.
When placing an order for a service at, User is required to fill out and submit their accurate personal data. At the request of NiNet Company, and in the aim of improving the security system, User is required to provide additional information about themselves or their company.

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